Webinar (ENGLISH)

The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands: entering, scaling and managing growth 


45 minutes

How does the startup system in the Netherlands look like and what are the ingredients for success?

You'll discover what’s worked for tech ventures in the Netherlands thus far and what trends founders can anticipate to turbocharge their growth moving forward, in this joint webinar that Agicap and Capchase have organized. 

This 45-minute session will cover common barriers to scaling and the unlocks founders can employ for internationalization. We’ll also talk about why we, Capchase and Agicap, are so excited about deepening our presence in the Netherlands. 

Who are Capchase and Agicap?

Capchase is a platform for recurring-revenue companies to access non-dilutive financing solutions. Founded in 2020, the company provides financing by bringing future expected cash flows to the present day – thereby extending an immediate line of credit. Companies that work with Capchase are able to secure funding that is fast, flexible, and doesn't dilute their ownership.

Agicap is the cashflow management tool that allows you to easily manage your business, thanks to reliable forecasts and real-time monitoring. By integrating not only bank account data but also data from accounting and factoring tools, CRMs, ERPs, and POS systems, Agicap offers an exhaustive, up-to-date view of a business’s cash position.



Capchase_Henrik Grim

Henrik Grim

GM of Europe

Group 498

Jan Speelman

Country Manager Nederland & België

Knight Capital_Arthur Nobel

Arthur Nobel

Knight Capital

Do you rather start now? Here are some tips we have for you:

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  • Turn you recurring revenue into flexible growth financing, with the financial tools from Capchase. Book a timeslot with one of their specialists to see how that works.

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