Agicap Insights

A corporate finance documentary

Insights is an objective, mindful and deep diving documentary about powerful financial stories. CFOs and CEOs will share the intimate part of what their journey has been in one of their biggest financial challenges.


Episode 1

A fine mix between finance and entrepreneurship: experience the rollercoaster of building a franchise empire, from the financial perspective

EP1 - Spreadsheet to reality

What it really takes to bring your financial forecast to life.

Thierry Veil, co-founder of Bagelstein, faced numerous financial highs and lows to turn his company as a European leaderFrom starting the business to today’s new challenges, Thierry unveils us all the adventures he has been through with his partner, and how they managed to be on top in the end.


A glimpse of Thierry Veil's financial
and entrepreneurial adventure.

Cash at the heart
of finance management

Managing cash is the number one priority for all financial decision makers. The target is clear, but the journey is not an easy one. At Agicap, our mission is to help companies better manage their cash flow, and so, shedding light on concrete stories appears as the best opportunity to share insightful learnings.

Agicap Insights

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