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The CFO Fintech Stack to Improve Your Cash Flow

Liquidity is the beating heart of a company. It helps to make sure that your business can meet its payment obligations on time and in the correct amount at all times.

The post-Brexit/Covid era represents unchartered waters for lots of us, and businesses must be acutely aware of cash flow. We're here to provide you with a handy toolkit ready to deploy as necessary.

But this webinar isn't just about tools and metrics, it's about transforming the way you perceive and manage your liquidity – the lifeblood of your company.

Who should tune in to this talk?

This webinar is aimed at finance experts and anyone involved with controlling, treasury, accounting and finance, as well as CFOs and executives.

You will learn:
  • How to manage your cash efficiently and take control of your business spending
  • How to best align your financial goals with those of other stakeholders, like investors and customers
  • How to build a future-proof finance function

Register today and get the tools you need to be a truly visionary CFO, ready to steer your company with confidence.


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Coral Armstrong

Senior Account Executive

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Will Fairbairn

Country Manager UK&I

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