How Agicap optimizes the cash efficiency of PE-backed companies

The Finance function is always the most impacted during a private equity transaction. The Finance function often changes tools, objectives, processes and collaborators. The primary purpose of these changes is to implement the CFO as a real business partner and privileged interlocutor of the fund. Reporting is one of the most heavily altered processes. It needs to be done daily if the company is under LBO and the financial situation is critical.

Our white paper is specifically designed for PE-backed companies who want to succeed in today's competitive landscape. However, 26% of private equity backed companies do not make cash forecasts and have no discussions with their fund on this subject.

These are mostly cash-rich businesses. Now that money has a cost, this situation is no longer tenable. The funds therefore encourage their cash rich portfolio companies to use or invest this money to transform it into income. Download our white paper today and take the first step towards a more successful future for your company.

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Put cash flow at the heart of your financial management


- Manage your cash flow in real-time.
- Follow up and collect your customer receivables