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New CFO: How to succeed in your first 100 days 

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You’re probably familiar with guides giving you pointers on how to best start work in a new company. This one, though, is different. We took feedback from dozens of CFOs on what they did in their first 100 days, and in hindsight, what they should have done. For example, they all say they would spend less time on reporting and more time meeting with other managers. These are the things we will focus on in our guide.

You will find 3 objectives to follow and accomplish to succeed in your first 100 days as CFO. 

Reading time: 8 minutes

About Agicap
Agicap is a web-based software solution that simplifies cash flow management by centralizing financial data. From one interface, over 6,000 customers of small and medium-sized enterprises directly see their current and future cash situation. Cash management and cash forecasting allow to better anticipate and make strategic decisions.

Agicap received a $100 million Series B financing in 2021, giving the company new resources to grow rapidly. In addition to the United Kingdom, Agicap is active in many other European countries.