European Hyper-Growth enabled by "going local"


10:00 Uhr

At the height of the pandemic, global eCommerce sales hit an all-time high. Lockdowns and travel bans led consumers – not only Millennials and Gen Z but also older generations – to shop online. This was and still is a tremendous opportunity for e-commerce businesses to accelerate their growth by tapping into international markets. In this context companies' hyper-growth can only be sustained if the foundations are sound :marketing, sales, logistics and financial planning must be taken care of.

Hey Harper will talk us through their success story on launching an “Anti-Luxury Jewelry” brand by applying a local-first strategy and by addressing pain points like logistics and cash flow planning with smart and intuitive tools. Find out from the CFO João Martins, which key milestones he had to face regarding outsourcing their logistics and in financial planning he had to face and what he would do differently if given the chance to start again.

Meet your Hosts:

Hey Harper stands for uniquely designed Jewelry with ever-standing colour which led them to create a full range of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets that are completely WaterProof.

Everstox ​​connects, optimizes and scales modern commerce with fast distribution logistics through their cloud technology and Logistics as a Service (LaaS) solution.

Agicap is a software that enables reliable and simple cash flow planning, especially for CEOs and CFOs of SMEs. Through scenarios and forecast calculations based on real-time data, decision-relevant information is available at any minute.


João Martins

João Martins

@Hey Harper

Johannes Tress

Johannes Tress

MD & Co-Founder

Tom Eller

Tom Eller

Business Development Manager

Key Takeaways – During the webinar you will learn:

    • How Hey Harper enabled their hyper-growth by “going local” 
    • Why a healthy cash flow is essential for local operations
    • How you can generate an amazing customer experience by excellent logistic processes like same- & next-day shipping or lower shipping costs.
    • Get estimated overview of costs to expand to multiple locations