How to control your financial management in the restaurant industry, wether being a SMB or a multi-franchise?

Particularly busy with operational management, restaurant owners tend to put financial management on the back burner, or at least do not manage it efficiently enough to make it a strength.

However, if financial management is well managed, growth will come naturally.

In this practical guide we look at different ways to better control your financial management and save time with :

  • The challenges of cash management in the restaurant industry
  • The basic rules of cash management
  • A restaurant owner's testimonial
  • Practical management tools and methods

Agicap, the cash flow software adapted to the management of all companies

  • Gain visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts.
  • Replace your Excel spreadsheet with automated real-time cash flow monitoring.
  • Anticipate your group cash flow and the cash flow of each entity over 3, 6 months or even 3 years to make the right decisions and secure your financing needs.