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Financial Forecasting: The road ahead for SMEs?

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As the backbone of Europe's economy, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Germany are making the country one of the strongest leaders in exports of their goods and services. Despite their success, SME are up to this time struggling with creating applicable finance forecastings for their business. 

In this episode of Fintech and bEYond the podcast hosts, Christopher Schmitz and Dr. Francesco Pisani, are discussing the topic of how fintechs can support SME within their financial challenges with their guests.

Stephan Krehl, Country Manager at Agicap, Anders Nordkvist, CEO of Asteria AB, and Dr. Christian Reichmayr, CPO and member of the management board at fino, are presenting solutions for financial forecasting and cash flow management, upcoming and future trends in the fintech environment as well as specific characteristics.

Guests at the EY FinTech & bEYond Podcast:


Anders Nordkvist

CEO @Asteria AB


Stephan Krehl

Country Manager @Agicap


Dr. Christian Reichmayr

CPO & Board Manager @fino

Take aways from the podcast show:

  • digital financial solutions for B2B and B2C business

  • how to manage the financial side of you business

  • the value add of using Agicap, Asteria AB & fino

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